Division of Anatomic Pathology

Division of Anatomic Pathology Services

The Division of Anatomic Pathology is responsible for the evaluation and diagnosis of approximately 45,000 surgical specimens and consultations, 20,000 cytological preparations, and 900 bone marrow biopsies annually. The specimens originate from UMHC/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Jackson Memorial Hospital, collectively representing a wide array of different disease processes, including neoplastic, infectious, inflammatory and metabolic/ congenital diseases.

The Department possesses state of the art diagnostic capabilities, including a broad array of immunohistochemical and traditional histochemical stains, and molecular ancillary techniques, which are utilized to determine the most precise diagsnoses to the most diagnostically challenging cases.

The division is organized into subspecialty groups who focus their clinical and research activities on an organ system and/or anatomic region of interest. Our subspecialty pathologists collaborate with other physicians as a multidisciplinary team. They apply their collective expertise to solve the most complicated patient care dilemmas, resulting in the best outcomes possible for the patients.

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